Proposed Bylaw Amendments
The Board of Directors of Elizabeth Fry Society of Saskatchewan proposes to amend the Bylaw to more correctly reflect functional roles and responsibilities of the existing Committees. During this term, Governance Committee has very effectively taken on the duties of the Nomination Committee, and it is proposed that this change be mirrored in the Bylaw. During the 2015-2016 term, Human Resources Committee was formed to move forward a number of tasks and issues; the Board recognizes the ongoing nature and significance of the work this Committee will continue to undertake, and thus wishes to incorporate it as a Standing Committee within the Bylaw.
1. Motion to amend Article 4.23 by removing the Nominations Committee as an established Standing Committee.
2.Motion to amend Article 4.23 by re-naming the Governance Committee. The new name of that Standing Committee will be the Governance and Nominations Committee.
3. Motion to amend Article 4.23 by adding Human Resources Committee as an established Standing Committee.
Published May 19, 2017
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