Elizabeth Fry was created on the belief that every person has the potential to become a contributing member of society.  Gender plays a key role in women's personal circumstances. Two-thirds of female inmates are parents, the vast majority are also their children's sole caregivers. Many struggle with addiction and mental illness. Virtually all live below the poverty line. Some are homeless.

Our goal is to support criminalized and marginalized women, girls and children in achieving that potential.  Elizabeth Fry is the only organization of our kind focused on delivering gender-specific support.  Primarily convicted of non-violent transgressions, women do not have the critical mass necessary in Canada's prisons to financially merit equal access to the counselling, educational opportunities or transitional housing options available to men.

With the right support, we know females from difficult circumstances can transform their lives and those of their families for the better. For more than 70 years, Elizabeth Fry's gender-sensitive programs and services have helped restore hope and independence, repair families and strengthen communities.

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